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Together Let's Create Your Own Momentive Impact!

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Content Marketing

Designing every touchpoint as an opportunity to engage audiences, generate leads, and improve branding across all channels through valuable, relevant content. Attracting, engaging, and converting leads throughout the customer journey. Creating a scalable way to be at the right place at the right time.

Inbound Marketing

Through inbound methodology, we architect strategic growth strategies drawing your audiences to your brand experience by creating content that caters to each stage in the buyer’s journey. Building content that attracts, converts, closes and delights your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Future-proofing your business’ growth through increased brand exposure and broadening your customer reach. Designing creative and targeted strategies for each social platform, we increase your brand awareness, lead generation, web traffic and ultimately your bottom line.

Advertising Strategy & Sales

Aligning marketing and sales by designing innovative approaches for all shifts in media consumption. Utilizing advertising, events, public relations, and social media to help increase your customer database and grow exponentially.




Biz Dev



Christina Blackmon

Why use Momentive Media?

Your business is important to you, so it is important that you do what YOU do best, while WE handle everything else behind the scenes. 

Giving you more time to focus on what’s important, operating your business.



The Momentive Impact

Creating impactful moments that drive momentum for your

Business, Community, Life & Family!


Chelsea Krost, America's Leading Millennial Expert

Chelsea KrostIt is truly so difficult to find a Marketing Agency and Social Media Firm that you can trust and Momentive Media has proven to be both loyal and trustworthy. I can not say better things about their work ethic and performance. Their attention to detail and the true passion for their client work speaks volumes. The Momentive Media team is always quick to reply, eager to please, and ready to tackle a challenge… what more could you ask for? I have no doubt that Momentive Media would be a benefit and asset to any company’s marketing and sales efforts and team.

Gilberto Velasquez

Her attention to detail, vision, drive, and creative spirit make Christina one of the people I have had the pleasure of working with for so long. Her heart, her soul, and her passion for her work make her a spirited force to conquer any task, any challenge, and always to find winning solutions for clients and their project needs. Christina is as creative as she is analytical, as tactical as she is thoughtful, and she has the skills needed to get any job done. Working with her over the years, I can proudly state that she is someone whom I admire, and I have had the pleasure of learning from.


Together Let's Create Your Own Momentive Impact!

We work with clients in various ways across many different industries. We understand that each business is unique. We pride ourselves on learning your specific business, your business needs, as well as understanding your growth goals and how we may help you achieve these goals. Let us help evaluate your marketing efforts and create a marketing plan that will accelerate and sustain your business.