It’s essential to stay up-to-date on the healthcare marketing trends for 2021 that are growing healthcare organizations. It can be complicated to know which marketing trends are making the most growth difference. COVID-19 has created terrific economic instability, uncertainty, and political volatility; healthcare is both totally upturned and top of mind. Healthcare marketers must watch out for the below-listed healthcare marketing trends in 2021 to drive the most effective results.


  • Patient Experience Remains A Top Priority

Have you consulted with your healthcare provider lately? Check-in procedures, pre-appointment communications, everything has been changed. It’s a healthcare organization’s responsibility to audit all touchpoints across the patient journey and enhance and update the interaction to make the patients feel confident.

Healthcare marketers must focus on the communication section – appointment scheduling, new safety procedures, procedures for in-person appointments, etc. Moreover, a patient rewards campaign is an excellent investment as it always drives return business.

  • Investment In Content Marketing & SEO Will Evolve

Budget your time and resources for content marketing campaigns and SEO to build brand reputation and acquire future search traffic. Many people make purchase decisions by searching your content on Google to evaluate your medical practice. Focus on local SEO and provide high-value information that people need, and only you can effectively provide it as a medical authority.

  • Social Media Content

Social media content will be utilized and will be a significant center of attention for healthcare marketing strategies. Create high-quality and authentic social media content to engage the patients and build your brand’s online credibility. You can engage new patients by getting emotionally connected with them. Social media marketing will continue to grow. However, your frequency of valuable content publishing will make you stand out.

  • Video Marketing

Video is not just a luxury but an essential element of effective healthcare marketing. Patients love to see the specific results before committing to a new treatment or procedure. Video marketing is the most authentic and perfect way to demonstrate your medical skills and the best results your patients have achieved.

  • Telemedicine Will Become A New Norm

While many appointments require in-person inspections, telemedicine appointments are best suited for inspections that don’t require in-person examinations. This helps limit spread and exposure while keeping both healthcare providers and patients a measure safer. Moreover, telemedicine provides physicians to evaluate patients with COVID-19 signs without direct exposure. While it can’t replace traditional healthcare, telemedicine appointments will become a new norm. As a marketer, build a dedicated website for telemedicine appointments, advertise to potential markets, and approach existing patients via targeted advertising or text messaging campaigns to establish a future framework.



Healthcare marketing trends will continue to evolve throughout the year, but people still want a healthcare provider who is genuinely helpful, knowledgeable and produces great results. What’s different is how they build trust with the healthcare providers. Marketers who can adapt to market volatility and changing circumstances will do wonders! By following these healthcare marketing trends in 2021, you will be ahead of the game.


📸  Photo by CDC on Unsplash