Customer testimonials are an essential part of building up any business. Testimonials or customer reviews can help greatly with the conversion rate of visitors to your business website to become customers. The Importance of client testimonials is because they add legitimacy and credibility to your website enticing people to purchase from you as you have branded yourself as a credible and reliable source. 

The Importance of Client Testimonials

Customer Retention

Testimonials serve as a reminder to existing customers of why they continue to do business with you. They also indicate that you invest in your customers by featuring their own words on your website, which encourages them and their associates to continue to do business with you. 

Do testimonials from previous customers on your website, really matter for converting new visitors into customers? The short answer is yes as we explore below.


Increase Conversion Rate

They can help greatly with the conversion rate of visitors to your business website to customers. This is because they add legitimacy to your website and make people more willing to buy from you. 

A lot of people don’t realize how hard it can be to persuade someone to open their wallet for the first time on an unknown website or to buy from an unknown tradesperson. Testimonials can help you with this. They make people feel more comfortable making a purchase if they know that other people have made the same purchase for similar reasons and have been happy with their purchase. This is part of herd mentality and the reason all the world’s biggest online companies, such as Amazon and E bay have based their whole platforms around customer reviews. 


Steer Clear of Fake Reviews

It can be tempting for companies to write fake testimonials for their website but most of the time this will backfire. Shoppers are getting to be quite good at telling when someone has written a fake review or testimonial – the language used in fake reviews tends to follow a similar pattern, and over-emphasize things that the average shopper would not talk about.  Real testimonials will not only be more relatable and believable, but they’re also a good way of getting some word-of-mouth advertising from the people that have used your services.


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