Are you struggling to find the best project management and automation tools to manage your team and keep them on track? You are in luck! It is no wonder that adopting and implementing new tools and technologies have become a vital need to boost your brand’s standing in today’s tech-driven world. We have made the list of the best project management and automation tools to improve your game, just a few suggestions from our remote team!

    • ProofHub

ProofHub is a multipurpose project management tool used by prominent organizations like Taco Bell, Disney, NASA, and many more. This all-in-one tool provides numerous powerful features such as online proofing, visuals of projects using Gantt Charts, time tracking, custom team, and project reports, task management, real-time notifications, and the list goes on. This tool is essential to make project management less stressful.

    • Scoro

Scoro is a complete solution that includes all the features you need during a project management process. Its top features are invoicing and quoting with preset templates, real-time KPI dashboard, meeting scheduling, shared team calendar, projects with deadlines and sub-tasks, detailed reports, and much more. The special thing about Scoro is that it streamlines the entire work progress, and you don’t need to use multiple tools for different tasks.

    • Workzone

Workzone is built by a proficient team to help organizations and individuals gain better visibility and control in work management. It provides a central place to share and manage work. Workzone provides faster communication, easy file sharing, to-do lists, top-level reports, easy customer support, etc., to let the teams complete their projects with resourcefulness, efficiency, and cost savings. 

    • Pardot

Pardot is a marketing automation suite excellent for boosting your revenue owned by Salesforce. You can amp up the engagement with email marketing, CRM integration, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and ROI reporting. This automation tool is beneficial for sales teams to reduce sales cycles. Landing page and email A/B testing, Google Adwords integration, and advanced dynamic content are all included. 

    • helps in delivering targeted messages to the customers that can be crafted based on their interaction with the business. The best part of is it integrates with the website or mobile app so you can analyze the data in real-time. The costs depend on the size of the total email credits and email list. Features include conversion tracking, A/B testing in-context conversations, and customer profiles.

    • iContact

iContact is a marketing automation tool that integrates email marketing services, analytics, landing pages, behavioral targeting, funnel reports, and social media management together to outsmart your key competition and drive successful results to reach more contacts. Moreover, a strategic advisor can also help you to optimize the sending strategy for maximum conversions.


With the changing times, the business’s needs are evolving as well. Good project management and automated workflows set you apart from the competition. But it can be difficult to keep up with what strategies work and which ones don’t. Using a proper tool to manage your team and automating their repetitive tasks can maximize the company’s success rate. We hope that our list will serve the purpose and keep your team on track while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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