Our specialists help align your Marketing and Sales teams, creating innovative approaches for all shifts in media consumption. Utilizing advertising, events, PR and social media to help increase your customer base.


So many businesses these days continue to have disconnected siloed marketing and sales departments. The brand’s communications reflect this disconnect sending mixed signals to potential customers. Aligning your sales and marketing teams and branding communications across channels builds trust, credibility, and accelerates the sales pipeline driving increased revenue. According to SiriusDecisions research, only 14 percent of B2B organizations report having an aligned planning process, and only 55 percent report delivering their sales plans before the start of the fiscal year.

Each business is unique in its own way and requires a different approach to marketing and sales alignment. Here at Momentive Media, our combined experience working with small to large corporations has given us the insight and experience to create such alignment. We know the right marketing and advertising communications to place around the right content on the right platform to convert your visitors into customers. In our marketing efforts, we make it a priority to be in constant communications with your sales teams so that your brand message is portrayed properly.


With years of combined advertising and sales experience, our team has built numerous proven multi-channel ad campaigns that reach and persuade customers to purchase your product or service. An effective advertising plan begins with the development and understanding of where a particular product or service currently exists in marketing in regards to perception and demand.

We design-build custom advertising blueprints for your business to help sell your product or service to the right target audience. We address your consumers paint points, provide value to your consumer and create an opportunity for your sales teams.


When you couple inbound marketing with inbound sales you develop a harmonious experience for your customers that sets you apart from your competitors. By delivering a valuable educational experience to your customers you will see a lift in conversions and sales-qualified leads.



  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Increased Close Rates
  • Increased Sales Opportunities
  • Increased Referrals
  • Increased Average Revenue per Client


And calling high might not be the best strategy anymore: While 64% of the C-suite has final sign-off, 81% of employees not in the C-suite influence purchasing decisions.


65% of salespeople who use social selling fill their pipeline, compared to 47% of reps who do not.


After a positive experience, 83% of customers would be happy to provide a referral. But salespeople aren't asking -- just 29% of customers end up giving a referral.


60% want to connect with sales during the consideration stage, after they've researched the options and come up with a short list.



Together Let's Create Your Own Momentive Impact!

We Evaluate, We Listen, We Learn, We Analyze, We Execute

We work with clients in various ways across many different industries. We understand that each business is unique. We pride ourselves on learning your specific business, your business needs, as well as understanding your growth goals and how we may help you achieve these goals. Let us help evaluate your marketing efforts and create a marketing plan that will accelerate and sustain your business.

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